Pandora Hearts - YEY

my poor neglected baby, here, have some icons

HI! It's been a while, hasn't it! Haven't been in the mood for icon making in a while. But, you guys... I really like Pandora Hearts. No, you don't understand, I really like Pandora Hearts. Oh my god. I need an intervention.

- Pandora Hearts [16 + 1 banner]
- Skip Beat [5]
- Misc (Mushishi, Vassalord, text) [4]



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Somehow I seem to have made a texture batch


So I was screwing around trying to get a texture with a particular effect for a particular couple of icons, and I thought the results looked cool enough to share. Disclaimer: I have no idea what the hell I'm doing you guys, oh my god, this is not even funny.

46 icon-sized textures: deviantart || mediafire

yes, 46 is kind of ridiculous, but i was too lazy to pick out the best and rename them in sequence. you can just delete the ones that suck or something, i dunno.

Credit is nice but not required, comments are love, feel free, ect., ect.